Just in: Sinead McCarthy, Slayer Of A Thousand Pro-White Hearts,
was photographed returning from a social visit with some fellow activists:

Julian Lee, Evalion Fan, Humble Helper to  Evalion
The site, was proudly created as a fundraiser by me, Julian Lee, for Evalion, aka Veronica Bouchard, who I personally believe to be a divine incarnation working to save the White race.

This site, was created to heal damage done to Pro-White movements and teachers -- from David Duke to Evalion to ad infinitum -- by one of the most destructive personalities around today, Sinead M, and in general, protect pro-White movements and communities from her destructive impact on unity and progress. After having some personal experience with her insanity and vile mouth, I just decided to do my little bit; throw a little water on her? Since Sin-Sinead loves to commandeer the good names of others for smearing and mud-fests-from-the-mouth, I decided to commandeer hers. I think we've all had enough of the Queen of Kvetch.

While slaying White folks' most difficult and destructive beast (aside from (((the genocidalists themselves))) ), I am also going to use this page to promote traditional morality, real yoga, and real religion (chastity and meditation-on-God.) I just felt like it. Why not?

One of the proofs of Evalion's divine nature is that she began to experience Kundalini phenomena immediately upon beginning the practice of meditation. Another is her sweet voice and tendency to not attack friends or allies (quite the opposite of Sinead McCarthy). Another sign is her amazing courage. She also displays a great deal of intuition about situations. Then there are other reasons. This does not mean she has no human faults or weaknesses. But taking on the human story, and overcoming it, is something that a divine incarnation does. Naturally, not all will see this. But for me Evalion's status as a divine incarnation is obvious. We treat her that way here, for the good of the race and for our own good, and it's fun doing it. Maybe "fun" is what enrages Surly Sinead the most and makes her vomit out lies based on her own nightmare life..

We are well aware that Evalion is, already and irrevocably, an historical personage. When we say "relics, artifacts" etc. above, we know what we are talking about. People desire to feel a connection with Evalion, to have a piece of history, and even a piece of her. The price is proper: People are willing to pay $5,000 for, say, John Lennon's wristwatch, and yet Evalion is far greater than characters like him. Meanwhile she gets a little help; they get what they desire and have something of permanent historical and emotional value. A great many would have liked to have been first getting the bracelet!

 Whites should be kinder and more supportive to those on their own side, giving each other the benefit-of-the-doubt and being slow to project evil onto them. Infighting among Whites and "friendly fire" does more harm to us than all the attacks of the Jews, in our opinion.

We have been in daily contact
with Evalion since the summer of 2016, and we can attest that she is exactly what she appears to be: A brave young girl trying to bravely present a risky political and racial message without much support and under difficult personal circumstances. She is an amazing person, strong, intuitive, resilient, intelligent -- and sincere. We wish people would not attack her. Especially people who are supposedly on our side.

Note: I have received criticism for giving PMS (Poison Mouthed Sinead) too much attention with this page. People are saying "She enjoys the attention." It is for this reason that the page is undergoing summarizing trims. Her true desire is, presumably, to be a star, a performer, an artist, famous-no-matter-what. They are probably right. Likely we at will be adding more and more accounts about Sin Sinny written by other people.

-- Julian Lee

Study of a Pathological Gossip, Accuser, and Dark Mind
(This site is dedicated to Poison-Mouth Sinead.)
Of all the moral faults we find in human beings, is anger, poison tongue, gossip, and false slander -- or even the penchant for pointing to actual faults in others in your community -- among the least moral flaws or the worst? Think this over, Sin-Sinny.

Above: Sinead McCarthy thinking about which White-European activist to attack next.

Above: Perfect Woman  thinking about how sexy she is to anonymous young men on the internet.

"You can't see my boobs! -- Tee hee

This is Sinead McCarthy, moral preceptor and community-builder. Sinead McCarthy never lets her sexuality have any play in her work or image. She is sexless, as a Puritan should be. She knows it's not proper to let young men, other than her husband, admire her. The idea of young men lusting after would not please her. She wouldn't even refer to such possibilities let alone enjoy it. She is a Puritan, totally pure. Also her speech is pure and beautiful, which shows you she's spiritual royalty. Her words are sweet and build unity, close ties, and trust. She is also the community biographer who tells the facts about everybody else. (She pulls the stories out of her fulminating fantasmagorical paranoid mind, but she's perfect and flawless in every other way). She also polices the White nation for People Who Have Flaws like eating the wrong food, and she loves calling people ugly names and accusing them. When people are singing her praise and celebrating her work, they fondly call her "The Accuser" and "Mother Perfect." When their devotion is at a fever pitch, "Dirtmouth." Most of all, Sinead is the Mother-Preceptor who keeps young women from being admired even in baggy dresses.  
Or maybe she was sent to attack anybody that moves for the sake of the cause.  
Or maybe she's just insane. 

Have you had a Visitation?

The Degenerate Puritan-Pagan Preachers Of Florida Attack a 19-year-old for immorality because she wore a baggy party dress and offered it as fan pictures

Below: Apparently Sin-Sinny has a cuck for a quasi husband.

No wonder she is disturbed.


Videos by Julian Lee

I see that the Puritan Pagan Princess
is highly incensed at this bit from my writings:

Oh well. Isn't Puritan Pagan Princess always highly incensed?
The reaction of Puritan Princess makes me feel it's right. The female social-ego needs to be trimmed a bit. And the Puritan Princess is perhaps the worst walking example of the female ego. It worked really well for the Mormons. And it's not corrupt and sinful like homosexuality and abortion are -- or like McCarthy's sinful tongue is. I notice she's been obsessively combing through everything I've written. Good!

Though I did not advocate but just said it's acceptable, I note here that it worked really well for the Mormons, who grew to take over an entire state and ended up with a very strong family ethic.

Funny I read lately that McCarthy's "partner" wants to be part of a male harem. And I guess THAT's fine and dandy with the Puritan Princess. She likes harems, I guess, if they are a bit absurd, a bit unnatural, with her at the center.

I notice she is enamored of the Nazi period (notice the black sun). The project they did with "breeding" and producing children from human broodmares disconnected from the fathers, using sperm etc, was a lot more bizarre and unnatural than the ancient and natural and holistic phenomenon of plural wives, which doesn't separate children from fathers and a situation which conduces to happiness for certain types of women. (Women with a lot of planets in Aquarius; women to whom sisterhood and female companionship is very important, women without huge sex drives or a possessive nature, etc.) Didn't Pagans actually practice polygamy by the way?

If there were sin or corruption in it, it would pale compared to the sin McCarthy indulges in daily with her mouth.

One thing I notice about Puritan Pagan Princess is that she's a very unhappy woman most of the time. Maybe the solution for her IS being part of a harem? Maybe in that situation she'd become a human being?

Wayward Sin Sinny going Really Trad with her sister wives. We can dream, right?

 There's an alternate dimension where Sinead is happily married in a polygamous relationship, sweet and humble, an attractive person.

Article At EuropeanKnightsProject

Original Song: The Exiles

On Abortion

My Recent Abortive Conversation with Sinead McCarthy, who has been attacking Evalion. I had Skype-texted her to request a talk. In the talk I had intended to clear up some of the bizarre ideas she has about Evalion. This is how it went. She was not interested in truth, conversation, or harmony. She immediately went on the attack and began hurling profanity and gross accusations:

[2:01:52 PM] Julian Lee: Hello Sinead. Can we talk? -- Julian
[2:19:40 PM] Sinead McCarthy: What’s up
[2:20:14 PM] Julian Lee: Can I call?
[2:20:40 PM] Sinead McCarthy: not right now
[2:20:43 PM] Sinead McCarthy: Can you just type?
[2:20:57 PM] Julian Lee: OK. I'd rather talk to you. Later then.
[2:23:37 PM] Julian Lee: Note: I think communication often goes better with real voice, and mishaps occur in texting. Especially if the topics are touchy. So, sometime, if you are able, let's talk. What I wanted to discuss was Evalion and your recent material on her.
[2:24:18 PM] Sinead McCarthy: I don’t have anything more to say about her

[2:25:09 PM] Julian Lee: Well, like I said, if we could have a conversation, probably that would have gone dfifferently. I'll leave it at that then. I've been a fan of both of you.
[2:26:10 PM] Sinead McCarthy: Your run her site don’t you?
[2:26:44 PM] Julian Lee: If we can have a conversation I will fill you in on whatever. I don't like texting when the topics are strained. I think it creates misunderstandings and distance.
[2:26:52 PM] Sinead McCarthy: Yup. You do.

[2:27:05 PM] Sinead McCarthy: And I have no interest in talking to a grown men telling a young girl to sell her pics.
[2:28:13 PM] Julian Lee: I created Evalooms as a way for her to get income. Unique photos of her/jpgs, are incidental tokens that come from donations.
[2:28:16 PM] Sinead McCarthy: And “visitations”. You should be ashamed of yourself
[2:28:19 PM] Sinead McCarthy: You are filth
[2:28:22 PM] Sinead McCarthy: You are a pervert as well
[2:28:26 PM] Julian Lee: She's not so much "selling pics" as providing a way for people to donate.
[2:28:32 PM] Sinead McCarthy: get fucked
[2:28:40 PM] Julian Lee: Now you're going off the rails.
[2:28:42 PM] Sinead McCarthy: Glad I know my suspicions were correct
[2:28:53 PM] Julian Lee: This is going whacky, S.
[2:28:59 PM] Sinead McCarthy: You’re a pervert and you know it
[2:29:01 PM] Sinead McCarthy: Now everyone will know it
[2:29:17 PM] Julian Lee: We don't sell racey things at Evalooms.
[2:29:37 PM] Sinead McCarthy: You piece of SHIT
[2:29:40 PM] Sinead McCarthy: You are filth
[2:29:41 PM] Julian Lee: A photo was titled "Holiday Visitation."
[2:29:46 PM] Sinead McCarthy: NOPE

[2:29:48 PM] Sinead McCarthy: NICE TRY
[2:29:53 PM] Julian Lee: I don't know how you turned it into, what you turned it into.
[2:29:54 PM] Sinead McCarthy: She told me they were for “fan meet ups”
[2:29:56 PM] Sinead McCarthy: You piece of shit

[2:29:58 PM] Sinead McCarthy: You’re fulth
[2:30:09 PM] Julian Lee: Please, relax. Let's talk a bit?
[2:30:09 PM] Sinead McCarthy: My father would NEVER tell a young girl ro di this
[2:30:12 PM] Sinead McCarthy: to do*
[2:30:15 PM] Sinead McCarthy: I’m not talking to you
[2:30:16 PM] Sinead McCarthy: You’re done

[2:30:20 PM] Sinead McCarthy: Fuck off
[2:30:42 PM] Julian Lee: I just put a statement at the left side of Evalooms, responding to some of your accusations. You should read it.
[2:31:06 PM] Julian Lee: She has fans. Her fans like new pics of her. It works. They donate that way. [2:31:48 PM] Julian Lee: I have never heard of "fan meetups." Have no idea what that's about.
[2:32:31 PM] Julian Lee: I think you're sort of flying off the handle here, S. You know I respect you and your work. Evalooms is innocent, and it's a way Veronica could develop some income.


Sinead McCarthy's whole emotional tone and way of dealing with "her fellow Whites" is spiritually Jewish. That is palpable. After that sudden eruption of profanity and extreme accusations Sinead deleted or blocked me.

Because I know Evalion is a real person with a sincere work, it concerned me what Sinead was saying about her to her large audience, well, to the whole world via the internet. These included false, fictionalized things. Even seeing the prospect of a complaint or getting questioned about it she exploded like a hand grenade!

At this point I feel Sinead does more harm than good. My impression is that she's either mentally unbalanced/disturbed or is an actual agent of the type she's always referring to! With this kind of anger, accusatory nature, profanity, and slander coming from someone I admired and tried to assist -- it's obvious I can no longer respect Sinead McCarthy or be her well-wisher.

Now a short essay below about in-fighting among pro-Whites. These are things that have been on my mind for some time.
-- JL

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Christianity: The Bhakti-Yoga of the White Europeans

Original Song: "Johnny Oh -- Fusillade For The White Man"

My views on in-fighting among pro-White activists

Julian Lee

My view is that if an individual is making a net positive contribution, and especially if they have power to awaken ("red pill" etc.) sleeping Whites, and if they do more good than harm -- they should be supported.
I think that it often happens that other pro-Whites do more damage to effective activists than the Jews could ever dream of doing. These mud-throwers do their work for them. This is deplorable and needs to be reigned in. My view is that if a teacher is not mordantly immoral and is not advocating homosexuality/pedo/perversity (like Milo etc), we can cut them some slack about other moral imperfections.

White People Are Cool

It's a given that all individuals have embarrassing faults, flaws, pecadillos. I think that our tendency should be, as pro-Whites, to ignore the faults of effective pro-White teachers. Far from drawing attention to their faults, they should be covered for. That's how family is. In this case, on the other hand, there is nothing immoral about Evalion giving out fun jpgs of herself coincidental to donations, as motivators to her fans. Or me helping her to do so. A new pic of "Evalion in her new Christmas party dress" would be immoral only to the most extremist Puritan from Plymouth Rock circa 1700.

Original Song: Hymn For Dresden

I also think all teachers/activists have their own niche and their own role to play. The "divine incarnation" idea probably irritates McCarthy. But, again, I think every teacher has their own niche, methods, and role. Evalion can't be S.M. and S.M. can't be Evalion.

Sinead McCarthy seems to have this profile in her head of what a proper pro-White teacher must do and not do. They must not sell photos of themselves if they are female, or even use that as a device to enable donations. They must cover up any and all sex appeal, etc. My view of Evalion is that she is a rock star, and beloved by many -- in ways that Sinead, because of her vile personality, will not attain. Perhaps a burqa is the real solution to everything, for the moral Puritan Sinead?

I always admired the work of Sinead McCarthy from the time I first saw her "White Women are Fed Up" video. I noticed over time that she seemed too inclined to make enemies, and make negative charges and accusations against other pro-Whites. It seemed to me that EVERYBODY can't be a shill or a moral reject. Yet I remained quiet about this simply because I saw she was doing good work.

Coming Home To The Saint Francis

It's actually a typical sign of a Jewish agent -- we all know this -- to come into the movement as a "pro-White" then begin calling everybody notable a "Jew" to discredit effective leaders. While playing this game they also like to attack on a moral basis. That's exactly what the Jew Joseph Brean did in his smear article on Evalion: Disparaged her morally like Sinead does. "Pedo" and "whore" are the common cat calls from the Jews. It's strange that Sinead McCarthy behaves this exact way vis-a-vis other pro-Whites. Everybody's a shill, a Jew, or a pervert it seems. My view, to take it to the wall, is that if a pro-White teacher had serious character flaws privately but is awakening Whites to the racial issues, they are to be supported over a "morally perfect" person who is creating division and attacking good teachers. That's just better strategy. As for me, I'm just an old guy who found it meaningful and fulfilling to try to cheer up and assist a very talented and effective, but heavily besieged, young pro-White teacher. I knew what to do. Even any small assistance gives her Moral Support. Moral support is what's needed. And morale is what Sinead McCarthy most works to destroy. Evalion has long admired Sinead McCarthy, and privately sometimes worries about her and her safety etc. Being attacked by McCarthy is, I know, terrible for Veronica's morale.

White Men: Renounce Porn. It'll make you brave, strong, and Great.

I actually do not think Sinead is a Jewish agent. So my mind has often pondered, "Why is she behaving this way? She was much better as a forward fighter against the known enemy, rather than looking behind her, or to the side, rooting out 'agents' She's wasting her best potential and making herself unattractive." My mind pondered thusly. But I remained quiet and did not criticize her. I even kept donating to her.

My mind also thought: "Is it that she and her husband view themselves as the future king/queen or undisputed leader of some great new movement, and they are endeavoring to stamp out all the competition or contenders?" Truly, I wondered. I couldn't figure it out. Seeing how she responded to me today in my sincere effort to communicate (I was not going to attack her) -- I'm 50-50 on it now. I don't know if she's on an errand for the Jews, or if she's just very wound up and hysterical.

Original Song by Julian Lee:
Anthem For the Men Of West

At this moment I don't feel like commenting on this extreme Puritanism evinced by Sinead, beyond just a little. (It could stand some long essays!)...

I myself have always been morally conservative, very conservative, and still am. I believe in "the rules." We needed to sell something to be able to get Evalion some kind of card processing facility. JPgs of unusual or unseen photos for her fans was the perfect device. People typically use the option for paying MORE than the requested price. Sinead  characterizes this fundraising as Evalion-debasing-herself. She's a star for crying out loud. The "Beatles" sold cardboard pictures of themselves, with bubblegum, and Evalion is far more important than them. Snake Lady  characterize my helpful management of this enterprise as fan enterprise as "perversion." (???)

"Who's Stampeding Whites Into Race-Mixing? -- Love Your People"

It seems Sinead would make the most hardcore Puritans of  Plymouth Rock proud. She's more puritanical about anything vaguely sexual, it seems, than the most conservative Christians of any age. There should be nothing sexy in Sinead's universe. Whether intentional or unintentional. (I remember Sinead gleefully referring to her boobs in one video, happy that she has some sex appeal to her fans. But she's offended if young Veronica has any and is scandalized if Evalion offers a photo of herself in a baggy Christmas dress.) She's more reactionary about that stuff than Sister Eleanor Therese, my 7th grade nun-teacher. This is passing strange. I frankly don't know what the hell is going on with her at this point, or what she is, aside from very wound up with a hair-trigger temper and inclined to spew profanity, slander and slurs at White activists like some alcoholic Grace Slick -- I mean aside from that.
Real Yoga is Austerities, Svadhyaya (Meditation/Chanting), and Devotion-to-the-Lord (Bhakti)

Evalion has real star quality. She also has what could be called profound spiritual qualities. I feel honored to have been able to assist her in any way. Is it possible that Sinead is simply, in that typical way we know so well, simply seething with female jealousy of Veronica? Jealous that new photos of her would inspire donations from her strong fans? Jealous over the devotional way E. is being treated here and at .Org. Is that possible?

The 'I can sing better than Evalion' incident

It comes to mind: A little while back Evalion sang the song "And the Snow Fell" (sort of a depressing song about Hitler's bad timing with the Russian offensive). Evalion does not have a trained voice by any means, but it was a dear little recording for her fans. I noticed that within a few days Sinmouth was asking people online if they knew where she could get a backing track for that same song, and presto, McCarthy put out her own version "singing it better." Was that mere coincidence? Or was the Demon Puritan trying to show off her voice; how much better she could sing it than hapless Evalion? If so, how petty. How unnecessary. The song's depressing. Nobody needed to hear it. Is this a case of a black widow who knows her bloom is fading hating the fact that young Evalion is attractive and the world's darling? And she wants to eat her alive? The far-fetched "escorts" charge, made by McCarthy while Evalion was down and reeling from many upsets, seems to make that theory add up.

Everyone has their own niche and their own work and role to play. With Sinead, her role was documentarian and speaker, representative of motherhood and family, propagandist extraordinary vis-a-vis Paganism and many amazing occult subjects. Evalion's role has been something different, with different dimensions related to her different personality and status in life. (She is not anybody's wife, for example. She does not need to follow the exact same rules as Mrs. Snakebite.) My goal with E. has been to assist her -- even if just in terms of morale -- to remain a fighter. It is not easy.

, central avatar of Hinduism, was not an accomplished yogi, at all, did not understand most of the scriptures he tried to comment on, falsely dismissed Saguna Brahman and the value of Dualistic religion. And he was probably gay. Now and then I post page-notes of mine proving all this and deconstructing Sankara's rubbish or upgrading the available commentaries. This is one notes-page. Read it!

Increasingly Sinead's special niche has become "attacker of other pro-Whites" and defender of herself, in endless dramas, as she finds herself attacked back by the defenders of those she attacks. Today she picked a fight with me, something I never wanted.
I do think there is something I have termed the Mawby Jew. That is a person who does so much damage to our cause -- by attacking/discrediting others and creating division -- that they "May As Well Be" a Jew. Evalooms has assisted Evalion significantly, and she really needed it. I have done it all with no renumeration or gain to me. This to assist a woman who I feel is at this moment our most effective pro-White teacher/personality in this world. Sinead should have been thanking me for helping this young woman (as well as donating to Sinead). After the treatment I got from S. today, May-As-Well-Be is how I view her.

--- Julian Lee

More from a Feb 21 chat with Evalion:

[10:06:44 PM] Evalion: its sad
[10:06:53 PM] Evalion: im not concerned with her anymore. Its time she is forgotten
[10:21:04 PM] Julian Lee: I have had a policy personally of not criticizing Sinead though I think she's too much of an attacker of too many people. Now, I want to speak of her insane negativity and the damage it does, so she can't do any more harm to people. 
[10:21:47 PM] Evalion: she has collected a LOT of negative karma backstabbing friends
[10:22:08 PM] Julian Lee: I'm sure!
[10:23:46 PM] Julian Lee: You know, one of the ways she creates mayhem is by refusing to talk by voice with anybody, insisting on texts. She jumps to concluslions on her side with no chance of getting clarifications or explanations from the other person, then she shoots off these vile, condemning, insulting texts -- and the other person is too offended at that point and an instant enemy.
[10:24:23 PM] Julian Lee: We could have talked this through. I could have signaled friendship and "peace pipe" by my tone, which I intended to do, but she refused to talk. And here I'm a guy who's supported her financially for some time.
[10:25:18 PM] Julian Lee: Next thing I'm getting: "You run Evalooms, right? Pervert! I'm gonna tell the world you're a pervert! Visitations in Toronto for $20 dollars! My father would not do that!"  Insanity.
[10:26:39 PM] Julian Lee: All because I titled a fund-raising photo "Holiday Visitation." It takes a demented mind to come up with this stuff. Should have left the photo up instead of taking it down. That made her think it represented the thing she had dreamed up. I am putting some of our conversations tonight up at Looms, because I think it establishes the truth.

Sam Stumbler: "So why are you tangling with that poison-fanged witch? You could just relax."
JL: "Because I'm tired of "pro-White" being something negative and unattractive."

ome time back in January I got a call or text from Evalion, our hero, asking me to take down a new fundraising photo from Evalooms,  one titled "Holiday Visitation" showing her sitting in her new party dress. It was one of several fundraising fan photos.

I began assisting Evalion in her work because I saw her as the most effective pro-White teacher out there, yet she was besieged and  without support, and I had the time and skills. I knew, moreover, that she was more effective as a teacher in this time than older guys like myself, especially for reaching the young. It's a happy feeling for the old to help and guide the young, and it has been a fun and fulfilling experience helping her. I am a father of four daughters, and helping talented young women has long been a part of my life. I plan to continue. I believe Evalion's greatest years as a teacher, intellectual leader, and personality are still ahead of her. I think she will evolve into a researcher and writer of great profundity and stature, continuing to have much influence. I also believe she is a Divine Incarnation, and that makes me even luckier to do a part.

When I asked her "Why?" to the photo deletion, she said she had just heard from Sinead McCarthy and Sinead was accusing her of running an escort service.

I was rather flabbergasted at that. I couldn't imagine somebody willing to propose such grotesque insults to a friend.

Sinead believed--and I am not making this up --that "Holiday Visitation" referred to $20 dollar visits with males in Evalion's home town, as a prostitute. 

I will be musing later on how one makes such a mental leap; how does a person conjure such things in their mind? Are McCarthy's thoughts normal thoughts? Was her father a pimp? Was she raised in a whorehouse? How does a person come to think this way?

The fundraising photo was going to be offered at $20. (Turns out it was never actually made for sale.) While chatting with Evalion and asking "anything else?" I of course laughed. I probably said something like "That Sinead is crazy. Sheesh!" 

I knew that Evalion admired McCarthy and wanted to be liked by her. And the main thing was to keep Evalion happy. She's the boss. So it was deleted a few days after it was up. At this time (January), incidentally, E. was flush with money, having received good donations and had a good fund in the bank. Though it was not a handsome amount, she viewed herself as rich.

"Holiday Visitation"

Above: The offending photo titled "Holiday Visitation."
I originally called this "Christmas Party." But at that time I had just finished the eight-armed "Durgalon" art, the deity-Evalion, and was placing content on the page pointing to Evalion as an incarnation of God, which is my belief. I liked "Holiday Visitation" better to develop the mystical themes plus let her fans imagine meeting Evalion. I just checked and this photo was never made available as a  donation item. Thus I think it didn't have a dollar amount posted yet either. Just a "coming soon in larger size" fundraiser like a few others, to keep the page fresh. It had quality and size problems so I never made it live. Sin-Sinny didn't seem to notice there was no button for it and the thing went nowhere if clicked. Sinead O'Connor is either a Jewish agent or a crazy lady with a hyper-negative mind.

Yesterday I got a text from Evalion saying Sinead was talking slander (they call it talking s---t these days, or that would be Sinead's lingo) about her on a new audio. In a way we were almost waiting for this because this had happened before. As with 99 percent of the population, Evalion was getting called "shill" by McCarthy right from the start.

I asked E. what it was about, and she said Sinead was claiming or suggesting (just as bad) that Evalion is a prostitute. This was serious stuff and, of course, something that would add stress and drama to her life, which is the thing she doesn't need. Usually I don't listen to Sinead's stuff any more because it's mostly accusations of other people or her sitting there exasperatedly defending herself about something. It just bores me. But I had invested a lot into helping Evalion  as well as celebrating her, and I took this personally. So I listened a bit to what she was saying at an audio at the top of the "Renegade" site. It was true. McCarthy was really throwing mud like a maniac. I have gotten to know Veronica Bouchard pretty well in the past 6 months. It should go without saying that Veronica is not a prostitute, is not interested in such, and I would not help her if she was. Veronica is a girl who lives with her mother, grandmother and uncles who keep very close tabs on her; one who is afraid to walk around town and meet anybody she doesn't know. And one who gets generous donations without the slightest indignity to herself. She is also interested in maintaining a good reputation, as am I for her, and for myself. And I myself am a person who believes in traditional morals, who advocates them, and who has advocated the traditional path to Veronica wherever the topic has arisen.  McCarthy's ugly crap is absurd, idiotic, slander.

Evalion had suffered a lot of blows in the fall of 2016 through December then again in January and Feb. It's clear that Poison-Mouth has no genuine friendship with Evalion and knows little about her real life. At the time McCarthy started calling her a prostitute (or insinuating it) Evalion was perhaps at her lowest point in terms of morale and her material situation. It can truly said that McCarthy chose to kick her "friend" -- and an effective pro-White teacher -- while she was down. It's also clear that McCarthy tends to get things "exactly wrong" or backward. For example, I am a moral conservative and advocate the old ideals for Evalion and others. I encourage her NOT to do anything that could even give the impression of impropriety. At Evalooms, any photos that could be interpreted as racey have been kept off. Evalion desires family, motherhood, the old ways. I also desire that for her, as do her fans.

Later in the day, while talking to Evalion about this drama (by cell text, Skype, and phone) -- I tried to sort how this had occurred because it was so bizarre. I asked Evalion what the "fan meetups" thing was about. Below is the chat I had with Evalion yesterday trying to suss out how the slander erupted from The Negativity Queen of Florida:

"[8:49:52 PM] Evalion: She's gonna attack me even harder now
[8:50:57 PM] Julian Lee: She's gonna destroy herself doing so.
[8:51:37 PM] Julian Lee: If she was sane she'd see she made a mistake. You babbled out "fan meetings" simply because she was hectoring you "what does visitation mean?" It referred to angels, visions. What asininity.
[8:52:15 PM] evalion: Yea I explained that to her but it didn't sink in
[8:52:37 PM] Julian Lee: I think you just made that up, trying to give her some answer. I don't recall you wanting to go to fan meetings in Pickering! It's not something I ever heard of or recommended.

Evalion: Well I didn't know you put that pic up with that title so I was like what?
But a few days before we were discussing possible meet ups with fans remember so I thought that's what you meant
[8:54:02 PM] Evalion: But then I looked at the site. And realized that wasn't the case

[8:57:40 PM] Julian Lee: I was talking about you meeting with fans locally? I don't recall that.
[8:58:05 PM] Evalion: We discussed it before then I remember
[8:58:21 PM] Evalion: It was all just all a misunderstanding
[8:58:29 PM] Julian Lee: I think I have been generally goading you to just try to meet supportive people in Canada.  Or, make contact with them. Yes. It was.
[9:08:42 PM] Julian Lee: Hmm. I recall early on, when I was trying to figure out what your social situation there actually is, my asking whether you had friends/supporters locally. I think this was when you were having the blues about your isolation, or other matters. I don't recall using the term "fan meetups." I think this was how you interpreted the goal of meeting supportive people locally.
[9:09:30 PM] Julian Lee: Anyway... Sinead believes I told you to have "fan meetups" and the "visitation" photo was to advertise those, which is  whacky.
Oh, and the "fan meetups" were REALLY you being a prostitute. The woman is demented.
[9:10:12 PM] Evalion: well sinead approached me saying basically wtf why are you selling meetups and i was like what?
[9:29:09 PM] Julian Lee: She's a loose cannon on everybody's deck it seems. Making spiritual and emotional mayhem everywhere.
[9:32:12 PM] Julian Lee: Is there anybody left on her side? Or is everybody a shill/Jew/pervert except her and her husband? That was rhetorical.

Giving in to this delusional harpy and taking down our innocent photo served to confirm McCarthy's delusions. She got to thinking "I was right in my unpleasant fantasy."

Everybody lives in their own world. Sinead McCarthy appears to live in hell. Or maybe she's just "from" hell? I remember hearing a lovely Christian sermon once and the minister talked about Satan, and how Satan's thing is "accusing." He is The Accuser. If Satan exists Sinead McCarthy, it seems to me, must be his favorite daughter.

Unrelated to "Holiday Visitation": As of late February Evalion has been making progress in finding local supportive contacts in her local area. Simply having real life friends on the same page is hugely supportive to her well-being. In one recent case, a fellow activist immediately gave her a new cell phone after she broke hers. Hopefully this trend will grow.