Just in: Sinead McCarthy, Slayer Of A Thousand Pro-White Hearts,
was photographed returning from a social visit with some fellow activists:

Study of a Pathological Gossip, Accuser, and Dark Mind
(This site is dedicated to Poison-Mouth Sinead.)
Of all the moral faults we find in human beings, is anger, poison tongue, gossip, and false slander -- or even the penchant for pointing to actual faults in others in your community -- among the least moral flaws or the worst? Think this over, Sin-Sinny.

Above: Sinead McCarthy thinking about which White-European activist to attack next.

Above: Perfect Woman  thinking about how sexy she is to anonymous young men on the internet.

"You can't see my boobs! -- Tee hee

This is Sinead McCarthy, moral preceptor and community-builder. Sinead McCarthy never lets her sexuality have any play in her work or image. She is sexless, as a Puritan should be. She knows it's not proper to let young men, other than her husband, admire her. The idea of young men lusting after would not please her. She wouldn't even refer to such possibilities let alone enjoy it. She is a Puritan, totally pure. Also her speech is pure and beautiful, which shows you she's spiritual royalty. Her words are sweet and build unity, close ties, and trust. She is also the community biographer who tells the facts about everybody else. (She pulls the stories out of her fulminating fantasmagorical paranoid mind, but she's perfect and flawless in every other way). She also polices the White nation for People Who Have Flaws like eating the wrong food, and she loves calling people ugly names and accusing them. When people are singing her praise and celebrating her work, they fondly call her "The Accuser" and "Mother Perfect." When their devotion is at a fever pitch, "Dirtmouth." Most of all, Sinead is the Mother-Preceptor who keeps young women from being admired even in baggy dresses.  
Or maybe she was sent to attack anybody that moves for the sake of the cause.  
Or maybe she's just insane. 


Below: Apparently Sin-Sinny has a cuck for a quasi husband.

No wonder she is disturbed.


Wayward Sin Sinny going Really Trad with her sister wives. We can dream, right?

 There's an alternate dimension where Sinead is happily married in a polygamous relationship, sweet and humble, an attractive person.

Article At EuropeanKnightsProject

Sinead McCarthy's whole emotional tone and way of dealing with "her fellow Whites" is spiritually Jewish.